Top 10 Sex Doll Elf / Elves

Whether you call them Dalish, Altmer, Bosmer, Dunmer or maybe even Aen Seidhe if you’ve just watched the Witcher series on Netflix, Elves are a fantasy staple. Elves have been known in folklore as beautiful and mischievous creatures since at least the middle ages, but it wasn’t until J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings series before the beautiful tall immortal high elves we know today became common in fantasy writing. Through Dungeons And Dragons, and video games such as World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age and Witcher, we’ve witnessed a huge variation in Elves: night elves, blood elves, high elves, wood elves – the list goes on!

So pretty much every human alive has grown up hearing stories of beautiful, graceful and wise elves and of course, crushing hard on them. Anyone who chose Merrill as a love option in Dragon Age, or watched Liv Tyler as Arwen in Lord Of The Rings knows what we’re talking about!

If only there was some way to have and to hold a beautiful Elf in real life... maybe even a customizable life-size sex doll elf of some kind... Don’t worry we’ve got you! Here’s our list of the top 10 Elven sex dolls.


  1. Quamara – WM Dolls
Elven sex doll by wm dolls
Qamara is a bit of a dark elf, she has that beautiful cheekbone structure to match her ears – some of the longest ears available – and looks almost as if she’s half-vampire. Which is great, because vampire's teeth happen to be an optional extra.

In Balkans folklore, the offspring of humans that mated with vampires were called Dhampirs, perhaps Qamara is a dhampir-like love child of an elf and a vampire? Whatever the case, this girl is not vanilla, but she is 100% thicc. Special power: Vamp scowl


  1. Elyssa – WM Doll

Elyssa Elf Sex Doll

Elyssa is one of the newest dolls on the market and gives us those cheeky nymph vibes. Her photoshoot with her straight back ears and cow print outfit and horns, kind of reminds us of a certain well-endowed Centaur girl from Monster Musume. Or you could try her in pink for that cute Japanese maid look with her ahegao face. Special power: Penetrable nipples.


  1. Arwen – 6YE 

Arwen Sex Doll Elf

Arwen is a minidoll which means she’s great for those who love their elves pixie size. We’re not sure if 6YE were going for the Liv Tyler Arwen look, or if the name is merely a coincidence, but with the pink hair she almost looks like a cosplay of Zyra from League of Legends to us.

Due to her size, she’s perfect for those who don’t want a large or heavy doll, and she would gladly double as a fairy with a set of wings. The brilliant part is that whilst 6YE have made her smaller, they have kept her fully stacked in the bust and booty department. Special power: Pocket rocket.


  1. Sindarin – WM Dolls

Sin Bad Elf

Now if your interest was piqued when I said Pixie but mainly because you are after a girl that looks like Pixie from Marvel’s X-men – AKA Megan Gwynn, well look no further. Sindarin from WM Dolls is being marketed as a Bad Elf, but she has a similar physique and look to the Marvel hero, so we can’t help comparing her. Sure she’s missing the X-men jumpsuit and the wings, but that’s nothing a little bit of online shopping can’t fix. Special power: Hero on the streets, bad elf in the sheets.


  1. Daenerys – WM Dolls

Daenerys Elf Sex Doll

Did someone say Khaleesi? Crossed with an elf?? Way to hit our high-fantasy sex-fantasies right on the head WM Dolls.

She is an absolute dead ringer for the Targaryen queen, but even if you don’t like Game of Thrones, she has that high elf mage look from classic series such as Lord Of The Rings and Warcraft. If any doll is equipped for some Blood Elf cosplay it’s our girl Daenerys. Just don’t play her that Game of Thrones finale guys, things could get ugly. Special power: MILF of dragons who would gladly hatch your eggs.  


  1. Bella – YL Dolls

Bella Elf Sex Doll by YL Dolls

Now if a young Halle Berry and Tinkerbell had a baby, Bella is about what you’d end up with. Something we tend to forget when we call them elf ears is that fairies, nymphs and pixies are often depicted with long ears too. Bella’s photoshoot makes her look like a perfect little wood elf who would gladly catch you some venison for dinner, but she can also play the delicate fairy that you might find timidly hiding in the forest. Special power: Powerpuff nips and butterfly lips


  1. Phoebe – Piper Doll 

Phoebe Eld by Piper Dolls

Piper Doll have become one of the most popular doll brands on the market today. Each of their dolls have been meticulously designed and brought to life by the great Mizuwali – a legendary designer and photographer in the sex doll world. So we would be remiss not to include their beautiful foray into Elfdom: Phoebe. With her dainty features and petite body, Phoebe is ready to play the ingénue in any bedroom theatre.

She has that innocent anime girl look, resembling just about any pink-haired anime girl, from Virgo on Fairytale to Mine from Akame Ga Kill. However, we think the elf ears elevate her to another level of cuteness. Special power: If kawaii could kill


  1. Dora – Dolls Forever (D4E) 

Dora Elf D4E Sex Doll

An Elf with all-round graceful, delicate features, a stunning jawline to match her ears and an understated but beautiful girl-next door-appearance – sign us up!

Dolls Forever have created a bit of a masterpiece here, and the EVO skeleton means she has a wide range of movements which is great for those who like to take photos of their doll. And let’s face it, you’re going to want to take a few photos of Dora.

Most dolls would look like beautiful girls with or without the ears, but Dora seems elfen before you even notice them. Special power: Still wild at heart


  1. Elora – SM Dolls 

Elora Sex Doll Elf

Elora is an absolute fantasy girl, perfectly proportioned with a beautiful face and stunning body. Her face is particularly eye-catching, looking a mix of Disney princess with the sultriness of Jessica Rabbit. How they managed to pull off that sultry sex appeal and balance it with a fresh innocent look we may never know, but we’re not complaining!

Whilst she may not have the physique of a mage or a hunter, we’re OK with that because she looks like an elven princess who has spent all her life in a castle waiting for her perfect prince to come along. Special power: Ever heard of queening?


  1. Lia – WM Dolls

Lia red haired sex doll elf

Well, we’ve had the ingénue and the vampire, now it’s time for the vamp and Femme Fatale. Lia is the kind of girl that looks like a Victoria secret model just walked in off the street and into your bedroom (and she’s not leaving until she gets what she wants!). She is an ultra-lifelike head turner. The kind of doll we as a vendor can put online and get compliments from guys thinking she’s a real woman. If you want an absolutely smoking hot doll, then Lia is your girl. She’s got a body to die for and looks that could kill – she’s very nearly a health hazard!

The elf ears are in there somewhere, they’re subtle, and we’ll forgive you for missing them when you’re presented with a rack like this or a bum like that:

(Seriously whoever sculpted this bum deserves a medal, they’re a veritable Michel-ass-gelo). With her fiery eyes and well-toned body, Lia looks every part a scarlet haired elven queen. The kind that doesn’t mind just a bit of dark magic in the bedroom. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a redhead Elven queen. Special power: KO body, possible man-eater.


March 16, 2020