Adult Sex Dolls | An Introduction to Realistic Love Dolls.

So what exactly is a sex doll or love doll?

Let's just make sure we're on the same page here... Chances are, you already know what a sex doll is, but just in case: A sex doll is a realistic life-size silicone or TPE sex doll that you can have sex with. A super-duper human adult sex toy, if you want to really simplify it, but many of us know- it's much more than just a big sex toy. For some, it's not a sex toy at all (more on that in a min...).

Sex dolls are also referred to as love dolls, real dolls, silicone sex dolls, silicone lovers, companions and real-life sex dolls… 

How is a sex doll made?

This might not seem important, but we believe it’s good to have a basic understanding of the process so you are better informed if you choose to buy a sex doll one day. The overall process of making a sex doll is actually quite complex. Without going into too much detail, here is a simplified overview of the process: First, an artist or sculptor sculpts a full-size model of the doll’s body using clay. The artist’s work can take months to perfect, working from photographs and sketches to help create and design the perfect model. Once the clay sculpture is complete, the clay model is used to cast a separate fibre-glass mould for that particular model, the mould is a “negative” of the clay model. Liquid TPE or silicone is poured into the mould around a metal posable skeleton and left to set. The mould is then removed and the doll's body is then hand-finished by the workshop artists, who remove excess materials, smooth and treat the skin, hand finish the makeup and other various details. The heads are made in a similar way, but they are made in a different mould to the body (with the exception of Piper doll.

How can much can I change on a sex doll?

Well, it’s good to understand that the dolls come from pre-made moulds. Different moulds are used to create different body shapes and sizes. Once a mould has been made, the moulds themselves cannot be adjusted. Hence, you cannot change (for example) the breasts size of a particular doll, without completely changing the mould. So when selecting a body, it’s good to be aware that the body shape is fixed and cannot be altered.

All sex dolls are made by hand and they're made to order. Even “pre-configured” dolls are made to order. Pre-configured sex dolls are simply hand made dolls that come with a set configuration of options. The production side of the doll is the same as custom made dolls (more about custom sex dolls in a min). Dolls don't live on a shelf in a magical land far away, they get hand made as and when an order is received. They are time-intensive to make and most people these days want to customise them in their own personal way so it's not financially viable for most smaller resellers like us to hold stock on the off chance someone might want it exactly the same "as photo". 

Can I make a custom a sex doll? 

Yes, you can! You can pick and choose from all the individual components that make up a whole doll to make your personalised custom love doll configuration EVERY single doll in our full collection of sex dolls. The individual components include the head, body, eyes, fingernails, toenails, skin colour, wig, pubic hair (or not), areola colour, labia colour, nipple colour, nipple size, tongue (enhanced mouth) skeleton-type (shrugging shoulders), standing or non-standing feet, fixed or removable vagina etc. You can request hand-finished details like freckles or other hand-painted finishes. Some have heating elements, some have hymens, some have wireless sound simulations and some have a variety of robotics available. But we're not going to get too into sex robots just yet. With regards to completely designing your own sex doll from scratch, that is also possible, you'd simply need to supply enough photos for the sculptor do recreate your "vision" or design.

For now, we just want to give you an idea of what is possible and to explain that you really can fully customise sex dolls quite extensively. 

If you already think you're good to go, you can test your knowledge and brush up on all the custom sex doll options here.

October 23, 2019