The Law - Importing & Buying Sex Dolls


The good news is: (as a general rule), sex dolls are perfectly legal in almost all countries, and all states of the USA.

Due to strict religious laws, the only countries we do not ship to includes: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and some parts of Africa.  

👍 If it's on our site, you'll be alright!  👌


🇬🇧 UK customers:

In the UK, sex dolls are legal - There's absolutely nothing wrong with buying, importing or owning a sex doll in the UK (and rightly so)! However...


There are strict laws regarding the importation of sex dolls that could be considered child-like.


At Silicone Lovers, we fully support and agree with the decision to ban the importation of childlike sex dolls, we do not list faces or body combinations that we consider to be child-like on our website and regard the matter seriously. 

Of course, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the topic within the doll community, because what defines a childlike face is debatably down to opinion and personal perception. There are no current hard-line rules or exact guidelines surrounding this topic, which seems to cause confusion for many customers wanting smaller dolls. 

Generally, we avoid listing any dolls below the height of 140cm. You may find some exceptions on our site - If we believe the doll has large enough breasts and a "womanly", body that would suggest she is clearly not representative of a child, we may consider listing her. But generally, we avoid it to keep ourselves and our customers out of trouble!


Additionally - We manually check every order, if we are concerned with a particular body/ head combination that a customer orders, we will contact the customer to discuss changing the configuration to avoid any seized dolls or even imprisonment!


Smaller dolls:

Downsized dolls can be great for many reasons: 

  • Travel well
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to store/ hide 
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to manoeuvre 
  • You may be a smaller build yourself and like a doll to match.

Whatever your reason, we understand that small dolls have their benefits, but we recommend you familiarise yourself with local laws to avoid trouble. We have smaller sized dolls listed on our website for our international customers who have different laws to the UK. 

We also sell sex doll torsos, which are a great lightweight alternative to full-size dolls. With that in mind, we have a responsibility to make the following as clear as possible:

  • We do not offer, and will not offer any form of sex doll that represents or impersonates children, ever.
  • We do not sell dolls smaller than the height of 140cm to UK customers. The dolls that we supply within the more “petite” range depict fully developed women and display mature/ womanly features so as to not be perceived (in any way) as children. 
  • Any dolls smaller than 140cm listed on the website cannot be purchased by UK customers and are available to our international customers only. 
  • Regardless of height, selling dolls that could be perceived as displaying features that represent a child's body or face is illegal in the UK and many other countries and is a criminal offence. 
  • Anyone requesting childlike dolls or enquiring about childlike dolls or making any explicit comments about such dolls to our staff will be politely asked to leave the site. 
  • All of our sex dolls comply with UK law.


For more information on UK laws regarding child-like sex dolls, please read the link below. 
For the most updated guidelines (April 2019) for the UK you may read here, an article from another law firm:
For more information on shipping, please have a look at our shipping page here


Now... We don't particularly enjoy all this talk... So let get back to what we ARE allowed to have, and that's these beauties here.

July 28, 2019