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sex doll in space

The Story Of The Sex Doll Sent Into Space

Alongside providing companionship and amazing composition, sex dolls have also been pro wrestling champions, works of art and even been launched into space.
over 60 - silicone doll

How To Still Be Sexually Active After 60

Sex isn’t just something for young people to enjoy, and lots of older folk are having a great time in the bedroom with their personalised silicone sex dolls.
Get Into Halloween By Dressing Up Your Sex Dolls

Get Into Halloween By Dressing Up Your Sex Dolls

Halloween is more about fancy dress than anything else so why not enjoy the holiday and dress up your silicone sex doll as a vampire, princess or naughty nurse?
realistic sex doll - cleaning

Five Tips On How To Wash Silicone Sex Doll Wigs

Looking after your silicone sex doll is very important to most owners, so make sure you wash and dry their wigs properly and regularly so they look their best.
sex doll - realistic

Why Did Sex Dolls Become Very Realistic Very Quickly?

One day, the main types of sex dolls sold on the market were inexpensive inflatables and body pillows, the next were real dolls. There is a theory as to why.
sex doll - Origins Of The Doll

The Surreal Artist Who Inspired The Modern Sex Doll

The surrealist Hans Bellmer has been credited as the father of sex dolls as we know them today, his creations inspired by theatre, tragedy, and resistance.
sex dolls

The Emotional Connections That Sex Dolls Offer

In a world increasingly defined by technology and isolation, the quest for genuine emotional connections remains a profound and universal desire. 
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Find Companionship In Sex Dolls

Discover how a sex doll can provide companionship, boost self-esteem and combat loneliness, improving your mental wellbeing all while breaking down the stigma.
dutch wife - sex dolls

What Are Dutch Wives?

Sex dolls can be called a number of different things, from silicone dolls to companion dolls. But did you know they can also be referred to as Dutch wives?
Sex Dolls - sex relief

How Sex Dolls Can Bring You Lots Of Stress Relief

If you can get hold of sex dolls realistic enough to feel like the actual thing, you may find that a stressful day can be made a lot less troublesome.